Canada Day 2012  was celebrated by thousands of Canadians who gathered at Trafalgar Square in London for live music, a street hockey competition…and delicious pancakes!

Jeffrey Sunquist, Managing Director of the Alberta UK Office and his team spent the morning flipping hundreds of pancakes at their booth on the north terrace of the square. They are commended for their valiant efforts to feed the multitudes as it was such a success that queues formed across the square. Sadly, hundreds had to be turned away when the allotted time for pancake flipping reached an end!

But very happily for the Maple Leaf Trust, the proceeds raised from selling the delicious pancakes were donated to the MLT to help fund our two very good causes – the Veterans’ Support Committee and the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund.

On behalf of the trustees of the Maple Leaf Trust (and all those who enjoyed pancakes on July 1st) I thank Jeff and the Alberta UK Office for their hard work and very kind donation. The veterans and scholars supported by the MLT are grateful to the Canadian community for their wonderful generosity on Canada Day.